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Flowers Don’t Compete: They Complement Each Other And Grow

All of these beauties came from my garden. Their magnificent colors. Their beautiful differences. They all grow in the same conditions in my backyard, flourishing from the sun, soil, water and bees. Each is an individual but also, so very much alike.

I admire them daily. In all of their glory in the Summer, when they’re in full bloom. In anticipation, as Winter turns to Spring, watching for the first signs of growth. Even in the Fall as they feed the soil with their nutrients as they once again prepare for the evolution of development to occur.

Every flower offers something a bit different from each other, a unique fragrance, color, shape or size. The timing for each varies, as to what they’ll look like or how big they’ll grow.

The key thing here is… Although each is a distinct species, they’re still the same. Each one is a flower.

These flowers don’t compete with each other. They complement each other and grow. They flourish in the same elements and together, they offer an abundance of strength, joy and beauty.

This flower analogy can be applied to the concept of female rivalry. Sure, not all women are always going to see eye to eye or have all things in common. It’s okay that we’re all different, but we’re also all in this life together. That means getting along and accepting those differences. It’s being okay with her and not competing for something you want don’t have.

Instead of thinking, “Well, she’s a coach and I’m a coach, so obviously she’s my competition because we’re doing the same thing.” Wrong! Think instead, “Wow, we’re in the same field... I have a friend who wants to be my client. I know our working together won’t be a good fit because I know her personally. I’ll instead refer her to Sally who’ll be a great fit.”

This concept applies socially, professionally and in families. Are you always going to be everyone’s BFF? Absolutely not! But you can always include. You can always be kind. You can always be accepting. You can always have an open mindset of, ‘What can I learn from her today?’ versus, ‘How can I be better or tear down?’

Let’s be like flowers and grow together, because when we compare and compete we can’t connect. It’s time to flip that lens and work together, not against. Teamwork makes the dream work, baby! The bottom line, and I know this to be true. In as much as there are certain types of personalities that judge, compete, rival, and hate, there is another side. There are also personalities that support, collaborate, respect, love, uplift, and empower. The antonym of rivalry between women, the favorable side to this negative behavior, is the female sisterhood. This is the positive side of relationships between women and when it works, it works so very, very well.

One of my favorite quotes that seems so appropriate here...., “A rising tide lifts all boats...not just one.” Yep. That about sums it up... perfectly.

You already are. It’s time TO BE.♥️

P.S. Stay tuned for my blog next week about “Women who like themselves like other women.”

I say that it’s time to be different. It’s time to talk about collaboration over competition. To empower women to be better together.


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