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What They Say About
Dr. Amber Tichenor:

Jim Young, Professional Facilitator, Men’s Burnout Coach

"Amber recently spoke to our group of Fortune 500 leaders as part of a gender equity program aimed at helping men develop their allyship skills. The perspectives she shared about gender-based rivalry, both among women and between women and men, was an eye opener for many of the men in the group. Her stories and examples highlighted the needs for more curiosity and compassion in corporate workplaces and served as a great complement to our program's mission."

Kat Ortiz, M.S., I/O Psychologist, Manager of Learning + Development, NextUp

“Dr. Tichenor accurately defines the problem of female rivalry and how it can erode psychological safety in friendships, community, and in organizations. She clearly demonstrates how to see the behavior within ourselves and others, and provides practical actions on how to not just deal with it, but how to overcome it. Using psychological tools, Dr Tichenor demonstrates how to resolve conflict and create safe spaces for ourselves and others where all will thrive. Our 17,000 members have found incredible value in our session with Dr Tichenor, and its impact continues to resonate.”


Amazon Reviews

Jennifer Lipo

Great for Parents! This was an informative and easy to read book with lots of good insights and tips that I can use as a parent as my kids navigate relationships. It also has light bulb moments of incidences that happen in workplace and growing up. Strongly recommend it!



Margaret A. Brundage

Truly game-changing in business and life💫 Favorite quote "True power doesn't come from rivalry, it comes from uplifting, empowering and supporting our sisters, our friends, our daughters and womankind." Imagine this in the workplace, what women will do when we lift one another up!?! ...Behind Frenemy Lines gives readers the steps we can take together to make workplace equality for women a reality. Thank you @drambertichenorphd for lighting the way🙏💫



Shannon Loy

Just say "NO" to Female Frenemies. Great book! Behind Frenemy Lines not only captures the real-life accounts of these bullying experiences by working females of all walks of life, it also provides businesses and organizations with simple and effective strategies to help overcome the behavior, eliminate the drama and resolve the after-effects of the female rivalry. Thank you Dr. Amber Tichenor for bringing this most important topic to life and helping businesses make workplace equality for women a reality!



Julie S.

Women - listen up and start reading this book! Looking for your next book to read? Behind Frenemy Lines is a 'must' for all women (or men who want to understand the female dynamic better - especially in the workplace). Hands up if you've ever felt like your best female friend or boss or close colleague didn't 'really' have your back? Now you can put your hand down and reach for your copy of this book because Dr. Tichenor is going to empower you! There should be a movement for women to read this book so we can lift up the 'sisterhood' potential of our female community and break the frenemy cycle!



Mary E. Foley

Brilliantly broadens your understanding and experience of conflicts with other women. Can't we all just be nice to one another? The well-researched and numerous personal stories in Dr. Tichenor's Behind Frenemy Lines shows that this is easier said than done. She brilliantly broadens your understanding and experience of conflicts with other women. And then gently guides you with a practical approach to respond and move into being a truly, supportive friend and human being. Highly recommend her book and her!



Stevie Blakely

An important resource for women today. As someone who has my share of "Frenemies" in life it was really eye-opening to see:
1. I was not alone.
2. There are strategies to help.

While I know this is not a NEW topic, I really appreciated Dr. Amber Tichenor, PhD's approach to sharing the insight, information, and personal stories in this way. Get yourself a copy!

I believe this would be a valuable resource not only to women, but also to companies that want to make sure the workplace is a safe and fun environment for all.



Kim L.

Behind Frenemy Lines is a game changer! I was fortunate to read @drambertichenorphd new book @behindfrenemylines. It’s such an often-unmentioned workplace concern and, frankly, life issue women and girls deal with far too frequently. I was relieved to read real-world solutions that lean on empirical data born out of a decade-plus of research. Thank you, @drambertichenorphd, for raising awareness and providing ways to make workplace equality for women a reality.



Rowena W.

Relatable, with Practical Action Steps to Move Forward. I would highly recommend this book! Not only does Behind Frenemy Lines capture the real-life accounts of bullying experiences in the workplace, but also it provides businesses with simple, yet effective strategies to overcome this problematic behavior.

As someone who personally experienced combative behavior from women in the workplace, this book gave me ALL the feels. However, the evidence-based advice Dr. Tichenor provides in this book made me feel less alone, as well as gave me hope that together we can make workplace equality for women a reality.

If you're looking to make a difference in your workplace, I'd pick up this book!



Social Media

Eleanor Beaton, Power + Presence Position Podcast, Canada’s Leadership Coach of the Year, by the Corporate Excellence Awards

“Our culture tells us from an early age what working with other women and for other women will be like. There can be jealousy, competition, alienation and more, so beware. This is called female rivalry and it’s complex. It’s hard to put your finger on how it shows up because it’s subtle. The consequences can be devastating. Dr. Amber Tichenor is the author of a fantastic new book, “Behind Frenemy Lines” (quite possibly the world’s best book title)! She breaks down what female rivalry is and how to recognize it.”

Kim Eley

Amber emanates a glowing energy of kindness and confidence. She brings this energy to her work with her clients and to her writing. I had the great pleasure to collaborate with her on her book and she was a joy to work with. She's insightful, funny, caring, and passionate about what she does. She truly "walks the talk" as she uplifts other women in her work with To Be, Coaching + Consulting. I highly recommend engaging with Amber as she is simply wonderful!

Midwest Book Review

“Behind Frenemy Lines is Timely. Relevant. Insightful. Informative. Inspirationally Motivating.”

Jill M. Davidson, MSW

Thank you for guiding us toward a sea change from the damaging dynamic of female rivalry. Dr. Tichenor wraps her sound research and the courageous stories of the women she has interviewed with compassion and care, and guides us toward a sea change from the damaging dynamic of female rivalry. Behind Frenemy Lines offers us the opportunity to reflect on our own histories, and to better understand how our relationships with women have shaped us. Dr. Tichenor invites her “Dear Readers” on a journey that leads to catharsis and clarity, and offers us meaningful ways to cultivate an empowered sisterhood.

Kim Eley

So excited for my awesome Author friend and client Dr. Amber Tichenor, PhD! Her wisdom and passion went into authoring her book, Behind Frenemy Lines! It's a fascinating exploration of this often ignored but oh so real phenomenon of female rivalry… Get a copy! You will not want to put it down!
Congratulations to Dr. Amber Tichenor, PhD on the publication of her book, Behind Frenemy Lines! Published by Morgan James Publishing! A must read and a book you will want to recommend to all the amazing women in your life.

Kiara M. P., Political Communications Strategist

“Behind Frenemy Lines not only captures the real-life accounts of these bullying experiences by working female of all walks of life, it also provides businesses and organizations with simple and effective strategies to help overcome the behavior, eliminate the drama and resolve the after-effects of female rivalry. Thank-you Dr. Amber Tichenor for bringing this more important topic to life and helping businesses make workplace equality for women a reality!”

L. Stewart, M.S.

"Behind Frenemy Lines should be required reading for every female. No matter who you are, or where you come from, if you’re a woman, this book will hit home. Dr. Amber gives us a raw and real breakdown of the many layers and ways that female rivalry can manifest and have an immense negative impact over the course of a woman’s lifetime. From cover to cover, Dr. Amber reminds us just how much brighter we are able to shine when we share our light with our fellow sisters, instead of trying to put each other’s out.”


Workshop/Speaker Quotes

Anne Devereux-Mills, Author of “The Parlay Effect”

Dr. Tichenor makes the crucial point that when women see each other as allies, opportunities increase for all of us to succeed. Her book is a ‘must read’ for women looking to break the frenemy cycle and for leaders looking to attract and retain the best female talent.

Hericanes Non-Profit, Gavin Harris:

Doctor Tichenor is a remarkable human being. She is smart, kind, articulate, well-spoken, and generous with her wisdom and grace. She is super helpful, pragmatic, positive, and encouraging. We love her messages, and she inspires so many.
Her book, "Behind Frenemy Lines" is a game changer, and ALL parents, educators, coaches, and girls and women of all ages really need to read it. There are some people who talk about wanting to make a difference in the world, and then there are some people who do the work to actually share and spread good in the world with their actions and how they live their lives.
Doctor Tichenor is a giant among authors, parents, altruists, researchers, teachers, and women. I give Amber my highest endorsement because I have seen the good she shares actually turn into pivotal and magnificent action with female college athletes who were lucky enough to get time with her.
When strong and supportive words turn into deeds that propagate roots of further good deeds, there is magic. That is one of Doctor Tichenor's gifts... paying it forward in a way that inspires others to do the same. Respect.


Thank-you for being such an amazing and patient teacher, a true listener and a compassionate heart. You are bringing light to important subjects and for that ( and many other reasons) I thank you.

Arielle Fuller, Chief Relationship Officer at Parlay House.

I had the pleasure of hosting Amber to be a speaker for a weekly digital conversation series for a women's community called Parlay House. She was super professional, warm, kind, and so fun to work with! She has amazing information and insights to share about female rivalry and doesn't mind opening up about her personal experiences as well. She is a generous and brilliant human and I recommend anyone who has the chance, to collaborate with her!

Liz Creasman

Amber unified the room through fostering genuine connection. Her presentation was relatable and empowering. Receiving the “To Be” email newsletter reminds me of the rippling effect occurring when women are dedicated to supporting one another.

Taiba Alhumaidhi, Lei Wa Lakom, Kuwait

We loved having Dr. Amber Tichenor on a webinar for Lei Wa Lakom to discuss her book Behind Frenemy Lines: Rising Above Female Rivalry to Be Unstoppable Together. It was a great addition to our Arab audience who were interested in how her research applies to the region, which lacks data to help empower women. We look forward to future collaborations into this interesting field.

David Younce:

I had the pleasure of attending the Chesterfield Chamber Women in Business Council luncheon, and Dr. Tichenor was the speaker. It was very enlightening and gave a lot of perspective. I also appreciated the approach as it pertained to men, specifically how collaborative it was.


Amber, There’s an unspoken quiet strength and presence about you that I immensely enjoyed and appreciated being around. Thank-you for being you, yourself! I felt calmed and listened to, by you, and it will forever be remembered…. I almost cannot put it into words, but you made me feel like when I spoke, I was important and what I said mattered. That is a gift. Thank you. God Bless you and your family.


Colleen Gonzalez:

Amber Tichenor is a results-oriented professional, and achieves that with creative, out-of-the-box thinking and a positive, ‘can-do-anything’ attitude, which contributes to her resourcefulness. Amber also has a great ability to leverage the best qualities in the people she works with, so in a team setting, everyone’s contributions add good value. I highly recommend Amber; she is a strategic asset for any organization!

Kate Heath, Strategy + Marketing Leader | Founder of WORTH + WILL | Startup Coach (2020)

I've known Amber for many years - as a friend, coworker, and most recently as a coach. She was an enormous source of support to me as a I navigated a major career change; she kept me focused, held me accountable, and patiently walked me through all those inevitable moments of doubt. Amber genuinely loves her work and it shows... she's an ardent cheerleader for women and we're all lucky to have her in our corner!

Michelle Shelhorse

You are the guru of healthy friendships and warding off toxic ones. It’s been interesting and refreshing knowing someone really just… gets it.

Wendy Ennis, Business Owner, Board Member National Charity League (NCL) Midlothian Chapter.

Dr. Amber Tichenor has presented three times at our National Charity League meetings. This is a charity geared towards mothers and daughters working together to serve our community. Her message is always spot on and rapidly grabbed the attention of the girls, had them sharing stories and laughing, and had them leaving with a bunch of great topics to partner with their mom and friends with. One of my favorite exercises she did included a simple ball of yarn/ string and with each question she asked, the girls who could relate would raise their hands and the ball would be thrown to each person. By the end of the exercise, every single girl had raised their hands multiple times and had built a spider web with each throw. The girls could clearly see that they are never alone in their feelings, experiences, and that they always have someone who has gone through exactly what they have. Overall, her ability to engage the audience, add value, and empower all of us to be the best version of ourselves truly make Dr. Tichenor a true gift!

Gavin Harris – HERicanes

HUGE fan of your work, Amber. Sometimes, especially as a man, it is difficult to know how to be an ally and an advocate in the right ways. Your book turns difficult topics into messaging that makes sense.
It is inspiring, yet pragmatic. It is smart, yet humble. It is REALLY good stuff. Thank you for daring to address and confront these ideas, and for providing sensible ways to dismantle the trouble spots.

Kate Willoughby Hall:

Amber is a trusted colleague and amazing coach and speaker. We’ve worked together for several years and her painstaking attention to detail, ability to motivate and collaborate with others is superb. Can’t wait until her book comes out!

Pat Jordan:

Because of her considerable change management and communications knowledge and experience Amber added an entirely new and needed dimension to our work. We were able to develop and communicate fairly complicated information in a way that the average employee who know nothing of what the goals and objectives of the project were, could understand. Amber's natural intellectual curiosity also worked to stretch those of us on the team to think differently and to better appreciate how, what seemed obvious to us, would not be necessarily that obvious to others and thus better prepare our explanations, etc.,

Janis Melillo

There are not enough adjectives to describe Dr. Tichenor's book and as I mentioned in my headline "The Book Every Woman Should Read!! A practical and inspirational way to learn and implement strategies behind "frenemy" lines. Dr Tichenor breaks down her sections and chapters with different stories and leaves a journaling space for the reader to reflect on their journey. From the "First Word" to the "Last Word" Dr. Tichenor shares in a heartfelt way that female rivalry is more than competition. I am so grateful for all of the women who shared their raw and vulnerable stories with Dr. Tichenor who shed light for other women to find their voices.
I highly recommend Dr. Amber Tichenor's book! (Dr. Tichenor was recently a guest on my podcast, Stories That Inspire Us / The Author Series. I can't wait to have her back on as my guest!!)

Mary Ellen Cavelti (piano teacher)

Congratulations on your success! I admire your passion, leadership and commitment in writing such a valuable and promising book that should be in every library!

Susan Leavy

“When you think about the ‘brain’ it takes the actual person out of it. It’s not personal. With this knowledge I can be more empathetic and objective in how I respond to people. This has given me a tool to better understand how others think.”

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