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Conflict • In-lighten • Reveal • Clarity • Learn + Leverage • Empower



To circle is to embrace, encompass, and surround.

From a psychological point of view, circles represent the notion of unity, integration, wholeness, and a natural sense of completion, that give us a sense of confidence and harmony. Circles don’t have angles, there is no beginning or end. That's why a circle is a powerful yet safe element. 

From a female sisterhood point of view, circles are developed to support individuals, to become connected in the community, and to establish friendships and relationships. The female sisterhood circle is your most-trusted circle of support and may often be called a circle of friends.  

Conflict: Activate Awareness Phase.

Comprehending conflict. You’re aware there’s a problem, know something isn’t right and want to fix it, but not totally sure, exactly ‘what’ that is. (You have to have an awareness about a problem in order to seek a solution).



Execution Phase.

Implement and institute change. Encompass (and put) plan into effect. Review, learn, adjust. (Encompass is to surround, have, hold within and cause something to take place).


Inquiry Phase.

Learn + listen. Together we ‘shine a light on,’ and explore and understand the problem(s). Have to understand what that is, before action is taken. This is a more ‘personal’ inquiry phase. (To ‘enlighten’ is to give greater knowledge and understanding, about a subject or situation).


A circle is elastic, flexible, can expand or decrease, but can always grow bigger!

Learn + Leverage:
Recommendation Phase

Create a plan based on the analyzed information. Learn new ways. Leverage some of what has already worked (positive outcome findings). Enable action and guide through next steps. 


Assessment Phase.

Dive in and go deep! Review (more) and reach out. This involves various forms of formal fact-finding and data collection to gather information and expand/ have better understanding about what’s going on/ what the true issues are.


Analysis Phase.

Information is reviewed. Closely examine all data to clarify key concerns. Feedback is interpreted, and key issues/data points are defined.


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