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Transform Your


Keynotes, Workshops, and Tool Kits to Build Better Teams So You Can Keep Your Best Employees & Save Time, Talent & Money

It hurts when your most talented employees walk away.

Especially if you don’t know          


You can feel it in your gut that something is wrong. You can’t explain it, but the signs are there:

Teams are disjointed – no one is on the same page!

Rivalries and hostile competition are common

Productivity is low

No trust or respect between colleagues

Talented people keep walking out the door!

You feel frustrated, confused, and even angry. Why can’t you fix this?! Is it even possible to fix?

It is possible
to turn things


Good people walk when they feel unseen, unheard, and psychologically unsafe. When there is no psychological safety, employees don’t feel that they can take risks that lead to positive growth for the company.

You’ll never have innovation if you 
maintain the sta
tus quo.

Your organization is not a lost cause. You CAN make a difference and create an environment that builds trust, confidence, and an environment of innovation among the best employees.


You CAN change the        
of your organization




I’m Dr. Amber Tichenor, PhD, and I’ve been studying the psychology of the workplace for over 20 years.


I’ve collected stories and observed behavior, and I’ve personally felt the impact of toxic cultures in the workplace that lead to good employees walking out the door. But I also know that it doesn’t have to be this way.


I have helped dozens of organizations regain hope and discover new pathways to success by changing corporate culture and creating psychological safety for employees. I am passionate about helping people find their voice so they can speak up and find their place in the world. 

  • PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology

  • Author of Behind Frenemy Lines, a book that addresses female rivalry in the workplace

  • Featured guest on over 50 podcasts

Create Positive Change in 3 Easy Steps:

Lunar Eclipse


the Ice

Open lines of communication through a special keynote that will resonate with your employees and help them know they are not alone.


Take a
Deeper Dive

Through workshops, assessments, & surveys, we’ll identify areas of concern in your organization and strategize ways to create lasting change.


Save Time, Talent & Money

Stop waiting for your best employees to walk out the door! Keep your high-talent employees and build teams ready to innovate and promote growth in your organization.



Are rivalries affecting your corporate culture? 

I’m breaking the silence that surrounds rivalry in the workplace, in our neighborhoods and even in our closest relationships in my book, “Behind Frenemy Lines.” Because it’s time to talk about female rivalry. It’s time to focus on how we can empower each other, instead of tearing down.

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