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Learn how to break the frenemy cycle and find your true sisterhood.


Read the book that addresses  female rivalry  head on

Behind Frenemy Lines is filled with real-life stories and clear action steps to help you better understand all the subtleties of what makes this behavior so powerful.

This book will empower, support and uplift women who are ready to free themselves from the frenemies in their life.

This book is a must read for women looking to break the frenemy cycle.

A Must-Read!

Behind Frenemy Lines presents the bold and compelling case that as women our power doesn’t come from tearing each other down, but from building each other up.

Katherine Wintsch, Founder & CEO of The Mom Complex and author of Slay Like a Mother.

Dr. Tichenor brilliantly broadens your understanding and experience of conflicts with other women.

Mary Foley, Founder of REV UP Society for Women Entrepreneurs and author of Bodacious! Woman: Outrageously in Charge of Your Life and Loving It!

Female rivalry is not an easy topic to discuss but Dr. Tichenor takes care of her reader with relatable stories and tools to recognize and resolve these issues.

Eva DeVirgillis, Actor, Speaker, Communication Consultant


Hello Friend

Thanks for stopping by! I’m so excited to share with you, something I’m very passionate about.


Not only have I experienced this behavior, I have spent well over a decade researching it and I know first-hand that a frenemy can make your life a living hell. As a result of my experiences, I am no longer the person who tolerates mean girls (or boys) at the expense of myself and others. I don’t want my daughter to be that ‘nice’ girl who puts up with a frenemy culture. I don’t want you to, either.

No woman should be so nice that she loses herself.


I’m breaking the silence that surrounds rivalry in the workplace, in our neighborhoods and even in our closest relationships in my book, “Behind Frenemy Lines.” Because it’s time to talk about female rivalry. It’s time to focus on how we can empower each other, instead of tearing down.

I welcome you to join me in the revolution of collaboration over competition, so that you too, can find your sisterhood of support.


Because I think that what we can do together is far greater than what we can do alone.


In deep gratitude and purpose,



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