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Celebrate Your Shero: A Young Fierce Female

Sometimes you’re impacted by someone whom you may not know that well directly, but you know through others. Sometimes, the impact of what she’s going through packs such a big punch that it shakes you to the core because it changes the way you view your own world.

And it feels heavy, so very heavy. And it makes you angry, so you question things and wonder, ‘why?’ But sometimes within that heaviness, there’s a light that shines so bright... that it alters your perception of the situation. Because that light is her.

And perhaps, quite realistically yes, it’s unbeknownst to her.

This simple fact that she’s a role model.

She’s a ‘shero’ to you and so many others.

A shero is most frequently used to describe a female admired or idealized for her courage. It’s defined as,

shero. ˈSHirō,ˈSHērō/ a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities; a heroine. a woman regarded as a hero.’

Shero’s are everyday people that come in many forms. Race, culture, gender or age doesn’t matter. A shero can be lots of things, but the title is bestowed upon them because they’ve earned it.

The first blog of this series, “Celebrate Your Shero,” focused on personal family shero’s. The second blog, “Celebrate Your Shero: A Local Warrior” focused on a local influencer in my community.

In Part III of this series, “Celebrate Your Shero: A Young Fierce Female,” I’m highlighting a young woman who’s fighting the fight of her life. She’s doing it with grace, dignity and spunk. Although I’m very much on the sidelines watching, she always seems to have a smile on her face. That young girl is Caroline Dunn, she’s 15-years-old and she has Leukemia.

I know Caroline through her mama, Elizabeth Dunn, who’s a shero in her own right. And let me tell you... Elizabeth is a fierce leader with an energy that exudes warmth, goodness and sincerity. Guided by her strong faith, she walks her talk in everything she does. Elizabeth, now more so than ever, is a teacher and story teller. Her magic with words, even if it’s not something you want to read or hear, helps you understand in terms that make sense. It’s through her chronicled narration, that I and so many others, are included on this delicate journey of, Caring For Caroline. When you meet Elizabeth, you’ll see where Caroline gets her strength.

Caroline was officially diagnosed with Leukemia on September 21, 2021. It was a shock to their family and everyone who knows them. The crushing news brought a heaviness to our hearts that’s impacted many.

But let me tell you what it’s also brought, and this is where benevolence comes into play. Although sweet Caroline is fighting the battle of her life, her diagnosis has assembled a network of strength, support and kindness that constantly surrounds her. Her diagnosis has brought people together.

I’d like to introduce you to this fierce, young warrior.

Caroline is the middle child of three. She loves to climb – trees, windows, roof tops, you name it, and is an avid gymnast. She likes chai lattes, Mexican food, and Buffalo Wild Wings. She loves animals and all things Baby Yoda. When Caroline sets her mind to do something she takes imitative and frequently teaches herself – like she did with sewing and playing the ukulele. She’s got a wicked sense of style and is a very gifted artist.

Some of Caroline’s daily interactions on this crazy journey involve the following: Transfusions. Pokes. Needles. Surgeries. Platelets. Waiting. Chemo. Fasting. Nausea. Medicine. Exhaustion. Bruises. Cravings. Steroids. Blood counts. Procedures. Headaches. Weight loss. Fatigue.

Cancer is a one-day-at-a-time rollercoaster ride that involves multiple, often unexpected, hospital visits, lots of prayers and little miracles. You’d be surprised about how many miracles have transpired; her beautiful mama shares them all with us. But even with the miracles, it’s an on-going battle. It’s a battle that takes tremendous will, courage and strength.

“To be Jedi is to face the truth, and choose. Give off light, or darkness, Padawan. Be a candle or the night.” -Yoda

Caroline’s name is of French origin and it means ‘strong.’ Trust me dear reader, she exudes ALL of that. She’s a warrior plain and simple. She’s got spunk, force, and a strong determination to fight. She’s an inspiration.

She’s a shero.

Thank-you, sweet Caroline for being so strong and a light to us all. We’re praying, cheering and rooting you on to kick cancer’s butt!

You already are. It’s time TO BE.♥️

P.S. You too, are welcome to follow the journey of Caring For Caroline. Her FB page is intended to stir inspiration, create intentional prayer and spread awareness. In the words of her mom, “Caring for Caroline isn’t just a page, it’s isn’t just a mission or a Hashtag. It’s an absolute honor to share Caroline’s journey and honestly, if it will bless someone else, please join.”

⁉️What else can you do? There’s a blood shortage. Donate blood! Give platelets, marrow or plasma. There’s a blood drive in honor of Caroline at Independence Golf Club on Thursday, March 31, 2022, 1:00pm-7:00pm. Sign up.

♥️ You can also pray. Be kind. Give grace.

You never know what someone is going through.

P.S.S. As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, stay tuned for my blog out next week, “Celebrate Your Shero. Part IV!”


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