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Unsung SHEroes Among Us: Celebrating Sunny Goode and LOVEVOLVE®

⁉️Do you know someone that’s a bad-ass? She’s a mover and a shaker and is ALL about getting things done?!


She could be someone you know at work, an acquaintance in your social circle, or even a close-friend or family member. She’s active or influential in some field or endeavor and she’s kicking-ass, taking names and getting things accomplished with a go-get-‘em attitude and a smile on her face!


This my friend, is a ‘SHEro!’


To recap, a Shero is most frequently used to describe a woman admired or idealized for her courage. It’s defined as,


‘a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities; a woman regarded as a hero.’


SHEroes are everyday people that come in many forms. Race, culture, gender or age doesn’t matter. They champion their beliefs. They empower and support women. They support and encourage and believe there is a greater good that we can accomplish, together.


Characteristics of a Shero include:

  1. Courage: Sheroes exhibit courage in the face of adversity and inspire others to face their fears.

  2. Empowerment: Sheroes actively work towards creating an environment where others, especially women, feel confident, capable, and encouraged to pursue their dreams.

  3. Resilience: Sheroes navigate setbacks with grace and determination, serving as beacons of hope for those facing similar challenges.

  4. Leadership: Sheroes lead by example.  Whether in the boardroom, community, or household, they demonstrate effective leadership, inspiring positive change and progress.

  5. Advocacy: Many Sheroes are passionate advocates for social justice, gender equality, and other causes. They use their voices to raise awareness and drive positive change.


Everyday Sheroes are the backbone of positive change in our communities.  A SHEro can be lots of things, but the title is bestowed upon them because they’ve earned it. My first blog in this series, “Unsung SHEroes Among Us: Celebrating Bonnie Price and the VRT,” highlighted Dr. Bonnie Price and the Bon Secours Violence Response Team (VRT). 


Today, I’d like to introduce you to a local SHEro, an amazing full-time contemporary artist who's a role model to so many in our community and beyond, Sunny Goode.

In Sunny’s own words,


"Color is how I communicate. Even in my earliest memories, color was the primary voice – it is no wonder I became an artist and love to paint. I believe, “A painting should make you feel something, and leave you thinking.”


Not only is Sunny an artist, she's "changing the world one act of LOVE at a time,™" with her LOVEVOLVE® Love in motion, LLC that she started in 2020. (Pronounced LOVE EVOLVE).


Using her knowledge of physiological and psychological effects of color combined with the power of words, Sunny creates products from her art therapy using the words LOVE and EVOLVE. Sunny shares her philosophy behind her work,


“Science tells us words can change the brain permanently. Which means by simply and consistently displaying love, we can build a more loving world.”


The LOVEVOLVE® LOVE Swaddle® Mission is to provide healthy relationship awareness. Her goal is to wrap every baby in a Love Swaddle® blanket at birth, and to provide new parents and families with Fourth Trimester support and relationship resources. When you purchase LOVEVOLVE® products and support their partners, you’re changing the world with an act of love. ♥️


Sunny’s LOVEVOLVE® philosophy is,

  • Less domestic violence

  • Inspire schools to teach relationship health with sex education

  • Healthy relationship behaviors lessens child abuse

  • Daily visual cue of the LOVE Swaddle® created mindful actions at home

  • Words can change your brain; giving a LOVE Swaddle® at birth is a positive foundation


Sunny supplies baby blankets to maternity wards as part of her LOVE Swaddle® Hospital Blanket Program. Her original LOVE layers artwork was made into 100% organic cotton blankets to be used on the hospital’s littlest patients. To date, Sunny and her company LOVEVOLVE® have partnered with over thirteen hospitals and have wrapped over 45,000 babies in LOVE! 🎉♥️

Message from Sunny,


“We believe LOVE is the most powerful force for positive change in the universe. We are truly grateful for your support.”


Dear Sunny.... you undoubtedly walk the talk you preach. Thank-you, for being who you are, an influencer and a local ‘SHEro’ warrior, ‘changing the world one act of LOVE at a time.™’


If you’re in Richmond, visit the LOVEVOLVE® HQ!  A charming shop opened Tuesday-Saturday, and by appointment. 


As we celebrate these contributions, let us remember that SHEroism comes in many forms, often in the quiet dedication of those who work diligently to make the world a better place. By acknowledging and recognizing the unsung Sheroes around us, we contribute to a more inclusive and appreciative society. 🙏🏼


Do you have a Shero in your community? I’d love to know who it is! or DM me on LinkedIn or IG.

Today I will be fearless. Today I am grateful.

Shine on beautiful people. 🦄


P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about psychological safety and how to deal with female frenemies, follow me on LinkedIn!



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