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Unsung SHEroes Among Us: Celebrating Dr. Bonnie Price and the VRT

In a world filled with stories of courage, resilience, and impactful contributions, there exists a legion of remarkable individuals quietly going about their work, often unnoticed and unrecognized. These unsung Sheroes are everywhere, playing pivotal roles in various spheres of life. I could write a blog a week for the rest of the year and still not be able to cover the great work of so many amazing women. Instead, I’ll do the next best thing. This is the first of a 2-part series, highlighting phenomenal SHEroes that are making great impact!


SHEroes are everyday heroes who make a profound difference in our world. It’s essential to recognize and celebrate these extraordinary women who embody strength, resilience, and empowerment -- the complete essence of why we celebrate International Women’s Month!


Sometimes you’re impacted by ‘someone’ because of the positive influence she has upon others. Perhaps you know her directly. Perhaps she’s an existence you’ve stumbled upon. Whatever it is, you can tell she’s here to exude greatness and shine a light in this world for others to see, because there’s an importance, significance and brilliance that’s being highlighted in what ‘she’ is doing. And the impact of ‘her’ pushes you to do better, because ‘she’ in her own right, is a ‘Shero’.



 ‘a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.’


Characteristics of a Shero include:

  1. Courage: Sheroes exhibit courage in the face of adversity and inspire others to face their fears.

  2. Empowerment: Sheroes actively work towards creating an environment where others, especially women, feel confident, capable, and encouraged to pursue their dreams.

  3. Resilience: Sheroes navigate setbacks with grace and determination, serving as beacons of hope for those facing similar challenges.

  4. Leadership: Sheroes lead by example.  Whether in the boardroom, community, or household, they demonstrate effective leadership, inspiring positive change and progress.

  5. Advocacy: Many Sheroes are passionate advocates for social justice, gender equality, and other causes. They use their voices to raise awareness and drive positive change.


Everyday SHEroes are the backbone of positive change in our communities. I’d like to introduce you to a local Shero and her team, Dr. Bonnie Price and the Bon Secours Violence Response Team (VRT).


I first heard Bonnie and her team speak several years ago. I was mesmerized not only by the message, but by the enormity of the great work they are doing for our community. Every single member on Dr. Price’s team is a Shero in her own way.


Bonnie and her team are beacons, bright lights in an often, very weary line of work. Weary, because they deal day in and out, with non-stop, real-life, heartbreaking trauma. However, when you hear Bonnie talk about all of the work they’re doing – you understand their drive and the ‘WHY,’ behind it.

Dr. Price has been a nurse since 1984 and is the Administrative Director of Community Health Advocacy for Bon Secours in Richmond, Virginia where she oversees the violence intervention and prevention efforts. She is the longest tenured forensic nurse in the region and possibly the state.


In 1993 Bonnie noticed a gap in education to properly care for a very vulnerable, underserved population. As a result she co-founded the Bon Secours’ Forensic Nursing Program, which was renamed in 2022, and is now called the ‘Violence Response Team (VRT).’ The VRT and its model is truly unique to the RVA area. VRT members are available 24/7 at all of the local Richmond, VA hospitals and freestanding emergency departments.


The areas of focus for Bonnie and her team includes:

·      human trafficking

·      domestic violence/ intimate partner violence

·      sexual/ physical assault

·      strangulation

·      child abuse/ neglect

·      elder abuse/ neglect

·      workplace violence


Bonnie may be the face of VRT, but she’s quick to give credit to her team for all of the amazing work they accomplish, TOGETHER. 


“I’m completely committed to the work I do every day, but I’m also very passionate about making sure both my patients and my team feel supported.” -Bonnie Price


And passionate, she is! She’s an amazing, humble leader who cares deeply about her team and community. Some of Dr. Price’s achievements include:

  •   How Can Forensic Nursing Foster Healthcare and Justice? TEDxYouth@RVA, Ted Talk (2023)

  • Appointed to Governor Northam’s Task Force on Services for Survivors of Sexual Assault (2021)

  • Recognized with the FBI Director’s Award for Community Leadership (2020)

  • Honored with the International Association of Forensic Nurses highest award, the Virginia A. Lynch Pioneer Award in Forensic Nursing (2014)

  • Served two terms as a board member of the International Association of Forensic Nurses

  • Member of the Virginia Chapter of the International Association of Forensic Nurses

  • Served as coeditor for the first edition of the Core Curriculum in Forensic Nursing

  • Speaker, locally and nationally, on clinical forensic issues


Thank-you Dr. Bonnie Price and the Bon Secours Violence Response Team (VRT) for your service and for being SHEroes to so many in our community!


As we celebrate the contributions of this amazing team, let us remember that (S)heroism comes in many forms, often in the quiet dedication of those who work diligently to make the world a better place. By acknowledging and recognizing the unsung Sheroes around us, we contribute to a more inclusive and appreciative society.


⁉️Do you have a Shero in your community? I’d love to know who it is! DM me on LinkedIn or IG. Stay tuned for Part II of this ‘SHEro’ series out next week!

Today I will be fearless. Today I am grateful.

Shine on beautiful people. 🦄


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⁉️Want to learn more about the Bon Secours VRT? Check out this great Violence Response Team (VRT) 30thAnniversary Program Video!


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