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Psychological Safety And Success.


I’m baaaaack!!!

You know that saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun”? Well it certainly has a ring of truth to it! I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since my last update. Life’s been busy, crazy busy actually, which I’m sure you can also relate to. So yes, time is definitely flying, and overall, it’s been dang good! My family enjoyed the summer AND we moved. Which was a bit intense. 😆 Additionally, I continue to make progress on this recent stage of my health journey and am figuring out the ins/outs of my new medication. 💝

Is everyday fun? Not always. But! Each day IS a chance to reset and start over for which I’m more than grateful for. As I’ve said over and over since my diagnosis, I’m so very blessed. With that in mind, October is Breast Cancer Awarenessmonth and this is the first October where the true meaning of this month really hits home. 💝 Breast Cancer, ALL Cancer, can eat a suck it sandwich!🥊

Psychological Safety.

I saw an amazing quote this week,

“Imagine if we measured success by the amount of safety that people felt in our presence.” -Jonathan Louis Dent

Think on that for a moment about what it really means. It’s a doozy! How does this apply to you personally? Professionally? To every person you interact with?

This quote packs a BIG punch 🥊 and brings to mind a 3-hour workshop I conducted during Covid for females in a transportation association. The transportation industry as a whole is hyper-focused on the concept of safety. Over 75 women participated that day. We talked about Female Rivalry in the working environment and then took a deep dive into Psychological Safety, what it means and how it impacts us. The workshop was very interactive and towards the end one woman said,

Wow! I’ve spent my whole career thinking about safety but I’ve only ever thought of it in terms of physical safety because that’s all I’ve been taught. I’ve never once thought of it in terms of psychological safety, which is equally, if not more, important than the physical part.“

A majority of the women in attendance nodded their heads in agreement.

To say the least, I was dumbfounded. My initial thought was, “Whoah! Safety is your industry, how do you not think of it this way, or at least from both perspectives?”

Up until that workshop I was a huge fan of Psychological Safety concepts and principles. Since then, not only am I a fan, I’m also an advocate. Which is the reason I became certified in Psychological Safety by the Academy of Brain-based Leadership. I’ve taken two accreditation courses and am a certified facilitator for individual and team coaching. I’m equipped to help you and your team build a psychologically safe culture.

In case you’re not sure what Psychological Safety is,

Amy Edmondson who’s conducted ground-breaking research at Harvard University defines psychological safety in the team context as, “a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes, and that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking” (Edmondson, 1999).
In a psychologically safe climate, team members are not afraid to express themselves; they feel accepted and respected. This openness creates a productive environment for thinking, creativity, innovation, and growth, and leads to more collaborative relationships and an overall improvement in team productivity (Radecki + Hull, 2021).

The contrast of that woman’s remark in my session struck me to the core. It was an OMG type of moment. How in the heck were these women in the transportation profession, an industry that focuses on safety as a whole, not aware of Psychological Safety? Why wasn’t this concept of safety not on their radar as something equally, if not more important, than physical safety?

Her comment reiterated to me just how important Psychological Safety is. Not only to me and you, but every single person you interact with. It also brings to mind something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately…. If these women in a safety focused industry weren’t aware of Psychological Safety and what it means to them, maybe you haven’t thought of it either.

Going back to the first quote I mentioned,

“Imagine if we measured success by the amount of safety that people felt in our presence.”

What if success were measured by how safe people felt, simply by being around us? How magnificently wonderful would that be? How amazing would that feel? It’d definitely be a game-changer for so many things in this world!

Psychological Safety is the key to happy, high-performing teams which ultimately leads to heightened success with everyone you interact with.

⁉️Do you want to improve your performance and that of your team? I can help you! Drop me a line or DM me on LinkedIn or IG.

Today I will be fearless. Today I am grateful.

Shine on beautiful people. 🦄

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