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You’re on a quest to learn more about,
’Why Good Women Walk!’

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Thank-you, for being curious!

Hi! I’m Amber and I specialize in female rivalry. Specifically, how to overcome it — to work together, be more productive and uplift each other.


It’s time to talk about female rivalry and how it impacts working environments. It’s time to free the world from frenemies. It’s time to focus on how we can empower each other instead of tearing one another down.


As promised! Here is a free download with 5 reasons ‘why’ —women are fed up and quitting Corporate America.

Click on the button below, to download the .pdf.

In deep gratitude and purpose,


Interested in learning EVEN more?

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Read my book: Behind Frenemy Lines: Rising Above Female Rivalry To Be Unstoppable Together

Good women walk, but they don’t have to.

Helping women find their true sisterhoods.

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